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1960 Pepsi Bottle

This 1960 s Pepsi Bottle is a beautiful addition to your store, it is manufactured of porcelain and renders which helps to give the Bottle a stylish look. This Bottle is a sensational buy at prices that won't break the bank.

1960 Pepsi Bottle Walmart

This 1960 s diet Pepsi Bottle is nice in shape, with a small inscription in the "0" field and the word "pepsi" in the "0" field, it is from a classic Bottle of pepsi, and is in very good condition. This 1960 s Pepsi Bottle cap is from the unassuming store, some handy historical information about that time: Pepsi was founded in 1960 by brothers jerry and ernie in the same building where they now sell their own drinks, Pepsi served inexpensive cold drinks at the time, so a lot of people got their hands on the product. This 1960 s Bottle cap is a top addition to all Pepsi collection! This 1960 Pepsi Bottle is a fantastic addition to home or it is a vintage design and offers a swirl design in the center of the bottle, the Bottle is empty and the embossed swirl design makes it an outstanding addition to all home or office. This Bottle is a top-notch purchase for any Pepsi lover! This 1960 s pepsi-cola Bottle is a fantastic addition to Pepsi container, it is rare and provides clear embossed rare design. It is a top-of-the-line addition to Pepsi container.