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Bonded Beam Whiskey Bottle

This jim Beam Bonded Beam Whiskey Bottle is a vintage 11 green ornate empty Whiskey Bottle decanter 1968, it grants an old world look and feel to it with its old world design elements. The Bottle is manufactured from hand-carved, low-pile, american stock hill no, 2 crystal. It is in excellent condition with no damage, the neck is slightly bow-tastic, but otherwise it is very good in terms of design and construction.

Bonded Beam Whiskey Bottle Walmart

This red one is from the 1972 jim Beam Bonded milk glass Whiskey Bottle decanter and it is probably the 1972 model, it gives the jim Beam logo on the side and the year on the front. It is additionally and stained from the inside, the back is furthermore stained and imparts the Bottle number and va on it. It is a valuable Bottle for any jim Beam collection! This vintage Bonded Beam Whiskey Bottle provides a tiki design on the front and a white Beam running the length of the bottle, the Beam is threaded so that it can be bond with other Whiskey bottles in the same design. The bond is fabricated by threading the Beam through the Bottle makes the Whiskey Bottle single, this jim Beam Bonded Bottle of Whiskey is a fantastic inventory finder for somebody searching for a Bottle of bourbon or tiki whisky to share with friends or family. The decanter empty Bottle is an enticing way to keep your wine or Whiskey taste in rotation, it is superb for lovers special occasions where a Bottle of wine or Whiskey is just the right alternative to go. This bond-edged Whiskey Bottle is a first-class alternative to show off your bourbon skills and impress your bourbon-lovers friends alike, the onyx decanter makes it facile to drink your wine-based Whiskey outright, or as a part of a wine-tasting experience.