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Bouzouki Liquor Bottle

This vintage greek Bouzouki Liquor Bottle is a beautiful, dark brown, with dark green and black mosaic patterns, it is fabricated of plastic and presents a screw top. It is a fantastic addition to Liquor Bottle collection.

Cheap Bouzouki Liquor Bottle

This is a vintage Bottle of Bouzouki Liquor from greece, it is empty and extends a guitar in it. It is a nice Bottle and a sensational addition to collection, this wine Bottle is a beautiful wine color and made from hand-painted glass. It offers a "bouzouki" in the name and is in a glass browser case, it is a rare vintage and will be a beautiful addition to your wine or Liquor collection. This wine Bottle is empty for a vtg greek Bouzouki mandolin guitar wine, it is a little brown, about 1. 5 oz, this wine is fabricated in greece and is infrequently available. The 12, 25-ounce vintage greek Bouzouki Liquor Bottle from the decanter brand is a beneficial substitute for folks in search of a high-quality Bouzouki liquor. Made from quality-friendly materials, the Bottle is system) and gift-box ( gift-box system) design ensures quick and straightforward pouring, the lengthy name and notation on the neck celebrate the romantic connection between a Bouzouki and the moon.