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House Of Koshu Vintage Bottle

This lovely geisha figurine from the House Of Koshu is excellent for a modern or Vintage scouring beverage, it includes a beautiful hanami garland and is complete with a hanami Koshu bowl and geisha bowl. This Bottle is exceptional for your home party or gift.

House Of Koshu Vintage Bottle Walmart

This is a be Of Koshu Vintage bottle, the woman is a geisha outfit and the Bottle is filled with japanese sake. The decanter Bottle is fabricated Of porcelain and features a beautiful spiral design in the design, the Bottle is in excellent condition with no any damage. This is a first-class addition to each home or wine collection, this House Of Koshu wine is a figural geisha sake bottle. It is produced from 100% undyed cotton and imparts a see-through bottom, it isnnn't to be used without a glass. This House Of Koshu is an unique and beloved piece Of wine history, it was created in the early 1800 s by joseph koshu, a samurai nobleman, and his wife the House is located in the present-day city Of sone from where a clear look at the history Of sake and wine can be had. The House is sizable and measures about cm due to the intricate design Of the koshu, the Koshu is produced Of high-quality porcelain and is placed in a geisha pot on a stand. It is often used by a woman to hold while showing her love, the vase is and is decorated with a single, large, red jade flower. This House Of Koshu sake Bottle is empty and is from a Vintage Bottle Of japanese cherry blossom sake, it is in excellent condition with no marks or markings that would make it unuseable or difficult to open. This Bottle is produced from high quality japanese cherry blossom wine Bottle glass and gives a forte into being pressurized for lacing.