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Lalique Apple Perfume Bottle

Looking for a luxurious and luxurious Perfume bottle? Look no further than the france! This Bottle is first-rate for people who adore to get their hands on new products on a regular basis, plus, it comes with a beautiful and shiny crystal grand pomme Apple in it. So, keep your shopping style fresh and popular with this france.

LALIQUE Signed 1/2 Leaf Pomme (Apple) Perfume Bottle France  Read Description *P
Lalique of France Art Glass Apple Perfume Bottle for Nina Ricci Perfume Signed

Lalique Apple Perfume Bottle Ebay

This large, Apple Perfume Bottle is outstanding for your home scents tale, with its large, crystal Apple Perfume bottle, you'll have plenty of room to store all of your customized scents. The go-round, large design means that this Bottle will let you do just that, the heavy, pomme color is sure to turn heads, and its large, multi-purpose slots make it first-rate for any scent purpose. This nina ricci Apple Perfume Bottle presents a frosted crystal Apple in the bottle, the Bottle renders a small hole in the top and is manufactured of metal. It is a good Bottle for display or for use the product, this unique and unique Perfume is an 12-year-old apple, signed by the tree itself. It's a must-have for any Apple lover, 5 out of 5 stars. This Apple Perfume Bottle is a beautiful 5, 75-ounce crystal Bottle with a soft, accented green pithy design. It contains a robust and heady mix of apple, cherry, and cherry tomato and flavors, the Bottle is hand-poured from the ground up in italy and the is hand-poured and then filled with your favorite apple, cherry, or cherry tomato fruit juice. The overall effect is of intense freshness and.