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Lincoln 20 Ton Bottle Jack

We carry a variety of us rubber Bottle jacks, with or without a jacking point, we offer a variety of 20 mm hole jacking point for most of them, for basic placement on your Bottle jack. Our pad helps with jacking point placement, and helps keep your Bottle Jack in place.

Cheap Lincoln 20 Ton Bottle Jack

This is an 20 Ton Bottle Jack that you can use to move your cargo onto your car, this Jack is well-made and feels strong when you have it on. The hitch mount is even better, as it doesn't loose its shape over time, the tightener is conjointly a sensational feature, as it keeps your hitch from rattling. Finally, the stabilizer is valuable for when you're towing a car by the bowels, this is a best-in-class Bottle Jack adapter for use in your lathes that gives a hard time getting free from the road. It is an 4-position hole-bottom adapter that is jacked onto the wall and protected by a rubber protection, it comes with a hitch mount cargo carrier and an anti rattle hitch tightener stabilizer. It also imparts a right-of-way selector and a tensioner, this towing tool can help you to tow your car or truck for free. This is a top-of-the-line opportunity to purchase an us rubber Bottle Jack pad, it is 1-1/2" wide x 2" tall. It is produced of durable plastic and is designed to tailor most 2 Ton Bottle jacks, it imparts an 20 mm hole jacking point. This is a top-notch piece for use as a jacking point for your future Bottle jacks.