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Playtex Bottles

These new Playtex bottles are enticing for babies who are starting to suck on their nipples, they have a slow flow nipple and are available in 2 positions to suit any birth position. These bottles also have Playtex labeling and dishwasher-safe.

Best Playtex Bottles

This package includes: 1, Playtex baby nurser 2. 3 bottles 4, 15 liners 5. 3 m nib Playtex nurses' bottles are equipped with dropping machines and which make it effortless to add or remove products, the are top-grade accessory for your caretaker, and are straightforward to add or remove products. The 4 oz version contains enough water and product to cover your arm, and the 2 oz version contains enough water and product to cover your hand, the bottles also come with a lid, so you can keep your caretaker upright and hydrated. This Playtex bottle is an exceptional way to keep your baby close and cuddly, it comes with a silicone nipple and is produced of durable materials. The bottle also offers a left and right nipple for incorporating into baby's mouth or mouthfuls, this Playtex bottle is top-rated for suitors who suffer from colds and the toughest versions are the 6 oz wide pack and the 3 pack have the ventaire colic spit-up reduction system in order to reduce the inflammation and.