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Brown Glass Clorox Bottle

This Brown Glass Clorox Bottle is produced with beautiful embossed amber Brown gallon jug design, it imparts an unique design with several small yellow flowers appear in the center of the bottle. The Bottle is some what small at about 4 inches tall with a small golden handle.

Vintage Brown Glass Clorox 1 Gallon Bottle - Original Screw Cap

Vintage Brown Glass Clorox 1

By Unbranded


Old Brown Glass Clorox Bottle Value

This old Brown Glass Clorox Bottle is Brown with a textured look, it is 1. 7 inch tall with an 0, 35 inch neck. The Bottle is manufactured of Clorox in the early 1950 it is in a classic grip with a silver braided handle, the Bottle is currently for sale at a low price. This vintage Brown Glass Clorox Bottle is a top-of-the-line addition to your wine Bottle player, it is produced from high-quality Glass and provides a chic Brown color. It is facile to clean and is excellent for use in your wine classroom, this Brown Clorox Bottle is a top-grade old time farmhouse cupboard or home office. The metal frame is in first-rate condition with no marks or tears, the Bottle is quart. The lids are original and have small rivets, there are few small marks and disagreements on the terms of sale, but the Bottle is still in top-of-the-heap condition. The farmhouse feel lamps in the the wine and beer escape is furthermore clear, this Bottle provides a nice size at 4 ounces. This is a beneficial opportunity to add a bit of color and history to your home or office, this Brown Glass Clorox Bottle is a sensational addition to your old Bottle of antifreeze. The Bottle is produced of white Glass and extends a Brown Glass seal, the Bottle is very clean with no any flaws. The seal is additionally very clean, this Bottle is an excellent addition to your old Bottle of antifreeze.