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Mini Bottle Charms With Cork Stopper

These small Bottle Charms are unequaled for a little add-on or decoration on your web page! They come in different colors and have Cork stoppers for a professional look.

Miniature Glass Bottle Pendants

The miniature glass Bottle necklace is a beautiful surrogate to show off your favorite perfume, these pendants have 50 pc Cork Stopper glass vials perforated to look empty, then filled With your favorite perfume. The necklace presents wishing necklace perfume empty wishing Mini Bottle necklace pendant which can be easily worn as a necklace or added to an outfit, this fun and unique Mini Bottle Charms set is splendid for adding a touch of elegance to your wine drinking experience. The 50 x Mini Bottle Charms are excellent for adding a letter or number to a pendant or vial, the Charms can also be used as a Cork Stopper to keep your wine in place. These 5 pcs Mini glass wish bottles With Cork Stopper vial pendant tiny wishing bot s5 are sterling addition to necklace, and terrific for when you need to show your sentimental or water-based design, these bottles are also beneficial for adding a touch of elegance to you collection. These Mini Bottle Charms With Cork Stopper are valuable for store your glass wish Bottle in your home, 10 pieces valuable for any home. This vial is excellent for 0, 51220 ml glass wish bottle. It features an obsidian color and a dark glass stopper, these Charms are top-of-the-heap addition to your home and will make sure your glass wish Bottle is safe and straightforward to store.