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Pepsi Bottle

The Pepsi Bottle is a vintage Pepsi cola acl full soda Bottle is a with the condition that searching for a bottle-and-the-party-piece, - then you've come to the right place.

Old Pepsi Bottles 10 Oz

If you're searching for an old, straight-sided Pepsi bottle, you'll find it in charlotte, this Bottle chances are good that it imparts been used or abused over the years, the glass is may be scratched or chipped, and it may have a few water spots. But the overall design and structure of the Bottle is still same, the Bottle is in good condition, with no chips or damage. It's an outstanding addition to all beverage collection! This old Pepsi Bottle is a splendid addition to your soda cabinet! The Bottle grants worn away the age but the mint green and white design is clear, the Bottle is topped with a sleek swirl glass soda Bottle which grants a whiteboard design and is capable of withstanding heavy use. The cap is treaded with a modern day logo which gives the Bottle a modern look, this vintage diet pepsi-cola acl 32 oz swirl glass soda Bottle with treaded cap is a peerless addition to your latte or cold drink. This Bottle is produced from high-quality swirl glass soda Bottle material and gives a cursed symbol on the front, the cap is additionally cursed and extends a "pepsi" logo on it. This Bottle is manufactured to be identification number for safety, this is a sterling tasting and clean glass Bottle of pepsi. It is in sensational condition with no foreign body multiplication (fbo) and is 16 oz, this is a sensational value for your money. Don't miss out on this enticing deal.