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Sprite Bottle

Introducing the Sprite Bottle that is built with a shiny, golden brown glass Bottle and black spout, this retro-looking Bottle is a top alternative to enjoy your Sprite at home. The Bottle also comes with a bright, golden brown tobacco smoke and classic blue bong hookah look, whether you're trying to look cool and cool kids or are just hunting to quit smoking tobacco, this Bottle is an unrivaled substitute to enjoy your sprite.

Sprite Bottle Walmart

This vintage glass Bottle is dandy for your next Sprite party! The revenge of the Sprite Bottle is sure to get your and your friends's attendances up and running, this Bottle also comes with a free Sprite card, so you can keep track of your newest Sprite developments. This beautiful Bottle is from the era of vintage Sprite bottles! It grants a dimple embossed design and is 10 oz, this unique Bottle is having an 1992 theme with its dimpled glass. The Bottle is 8 oz and is sealed in a mint seal, this Bottle is a top-notch addition to Bottle competition. This Bottle is from the 1994 Sprite bottle, it is a mexican acl soda bottle. The Bottle is a few months old and provides some damage to the top, the Bottle is worth around $100.